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The nutritional application mynutrients will propose a balanced menu made to measure from foods you like
Optimizing your menu improves your nutrition and minimizes the production of excess food. This saves the Earth and your wallet
Vitamins Minerals & Trace Elements Essential Amino Acids Omega 3 & Omega 6
The application will check your intake of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, omega 3 and omega 6 acids, essential amino acids, macronutrients and energy according to the nutritional recommendations you choose. A total of 50 nutritional values are taken into account.
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Balanced, tailored menus with recipes
Select the foods from which you want to build the menu. The application then searches for a menu that most closely matches your specifications and adjusts the weight to size just for you.

We will include the dishes you rated best among your menu suggestions more often
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Nutritional Goals
Set a target date and weight. The mynutrients app monitors your energy balance. A balanced meal plan is designed with the goal in mind until it is fulfilled
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Weight Metrics
Keep track of how well you're doing with your goal
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Nutritional advisor
The mynutrients app alerts you if the intake of nutrients and energy does not reach or exceeds the recommended values. It will also provide you with information about health complications that may occur in such cases
Time analysis
Find out the shortcomings for the time period you selected. This will help you avoid repeating mistakes. In this way, you will minimize the risks of developing chronic diseases, which may only become apparent in later life
Recommended nutritional values
Keep track of nutritional intake for 47+ nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids. Choose between nutritional recommendations used in European countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and others, or in the USA. You can also set custom values for both lower and upper limits, including Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges
Personal characteristics
When designing a tailor-made menu, the application takes into account your age, measurements, gender, physical activity and basal metabolism, whether a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding, whether you are vegetarian or vegan
Foods & Meals
In the application you will find more than 1,000 comprehensively analyzed basic foods and ready meals. You can also create your own foods and balanced meal plans for future use
Physical activities
The application contains over 500 physical activities and sports. Do you ride a bike or work in the garden? Choose from six predefined profiles for quick selection. Save the compiled activity plans for future use
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